Why formatting a letter and using the correct letter template is absolutely vital for the final impression it gives.

Many people do not realise how important it is to format a letter correctly.

They just wrote down whatever comes to mind. It is also something which we may not do so often any more, with so many people using emails. However, if you want to make the right impression when you are sending a letter then it is very important to learn how to format a letter.

Letters can be used for a lot of different purposes. The main one people tend to think of is for business.

It is very important to make sure that any business letter you write is done in the correct format. Normally businesses will have a template for you to follow and headed paper for you to use. However, if you are not sure, then ask before you start. Make sure that the letter contains all of the necessary details but is not overly wordy. Make sure it has your contact details so that the person can reply. Ensure that it is addresses politely so that it reaches the right person and that you make it clear if you want a reply.

For business letters it is common for you to put your address at the top and then theirs slightly lower down so that it shows through the window of the envelope. It needs to be addresses either Dear Sir/Madam or with the name of the person you are writing to which would normally be Mr, Mrs, Miss or whatever rather than their Christian name. Then it is common to put a line starting 're:' which outlines in a sentence what the letter is about. At the end you will sign off using Yours Sincerely r Faithfully and type your name. Once the letter has been printed you will need to sign it by hand. It is important to make sure that the letter is spaced out neatly on the page.


For an invitation then the etiquette is very different.

These can be formal or informal depending on the occasion and who is being invited. There is key information that needs to be included such as who it is for, where and when the event is and who needs to be informed of whether you can make it or not. These can be printed out formally, handwritten or bought invitations with parts filled out in pen.


Other letters such as thank you letters or just general correspondence are much less formal.

The only thing that needs to be included is the address of the sender so that if a reply is sent, it will get to the right place. It is normally considered to be better to hand write this sort of letter rather than print it out, but it often just depends on the opinion of the person that you are writing to.

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